Background of Richard Teo

During his early days, Richard Teo was already a shining example of the perfect student at Raffles Junior College. Coming from a below average income family, he have decided to be very competitive in everything he does. He excels very well in the field of sports, studies, and business. He soon graduated from National University of Singapore at 1993 after that. He’s a perfectionist and always excels in every field he undergo. His competitiveness shows even at a younger age even when he was participating from a race on track & field sport. Please notice his winning run at 2.35 mins onwards. Yes, he won that race that day.

This is one of his most famous winning picture taken from a classmate. As you can see from the footage, he was slightly behind when the baton was passed to him, but he gave it his all and continued to ran and eventually winning the race towards the end.

Eventually after that, he pursued his studies in  ophthalmology, but he didn’t finish the course as it was taking too long.  He saw an opportunity in opening a cosmetic clinic which leads to him opening his own business and became very successful in it.

He was currently the director of TCS at central, an aesthetic & cosmetics clinic located at Singapore at Eu Tong Sen Street. This was during his prime days that he achieved tremendous success and everything went right for him. He got so successful that he even manage to bought a blue Ferrari convertible at Singapore. We all know how expensive it is to own a car in Singapore because it’s a metropolis and they don’t encourage the residents to drive, thus the extremely high cost of owning a vehicle. And he owns a Ferrari convertible which needs to be replaced every 5 years.

His typical week was going to race at the Sepang track at Malaysia. He was involved in 3 accidents before but he managed to walked away unharmed. After getting a car, he went to hunt for land to build GCB’s. GCB stands for gold class bungalows similar to  the prime area of Beverly Hill’s in United States or Gangnam area in Korea for the rich and famous. A typical built up bungalow would cost anything up to $20-$30 million dollars.

He enjoys racing his car at Sepang race track, diving, kayaking & travelling. It was at his prime that he suddenly was diagnosed with a stage 4 cancer. He was an extremely fit person, being a doctor and all. See his 6 packs body(wow) taken during one of his diving trips at Boracay during 2009. It comes to show that healthy people can get sick too, not just weak or lazy people. Death can come to anyone, anytime, and it’s a very real thing.

He is a man that is truly loved by God because he was able to achieve success in life, got lost & trapped in the pursuits of wealth and greed, but in the end able to return to God and accepted him as his savior.  We are shaped by the media today and we have this common conceptual thinking that only rich & wealthy people should be respected. In fact, many normal doctors, workers, pastors, are doing very important things as well. Love one another and don’t live with regret.

In one of his speeches, he quoted a sentence from tuesday’s with morrie. A book that was written by Mitch Albom that I found truly inspiring as well. I’m sure Dr Richard Teo would like you to read the book as well. Or you can also choose to watch the movie. The main actor from the movie (Morrie), stars Jack Lemmon who won an Emmy Award for his performance for this movie. In my opinion, Richard Teo is today’s modern Morrie and I’m sure he would love that his story be told the world so we could live our lives fully without being the mainstream product that media shapes us today.

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